We offer freshly harvested seed which we harvest ourselves. We prefer customers to pre-order bulk seed before harvest, although some seed is in stock. Viability is regularly tested and we throw out seed that doesn’t meet our high standards. Seeds that are perishable, or seeds that are harvested only once a year, or every few years, are not always held in stock; orders of this type of seed will be back-ordered and supplied from the next harvest.

Some of our seed is exported and it is important to be aware of any changes in the laws as it is possible that there are reasons that the government may declare a plant illegal to purchase for differing reasons such as declaring a plant a weed. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to research the current laws of their country or state before placing an order to determine if seed ordered may be imported or grown in their country or state.


We give no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the productiveness, or description of any seeds we sell and will not in any way be responsible for the resultant crop. Abceeds cannot be held responsible for seed germination as every type of seed has different germination techniques. Each buyer will have their preferred method of germinating seed and we have no control over the results from the differing procedures put into place by the customer. Not every single seed will germinate and each variety has differing levels of germination difficulty. One hundred customers may have one hundred different methods. We propagate some seed ourselves and therefore we have a good knowledge of the viability and best method for germination for these varieties. We can suggest the method of germination of your purchased seed upon enquiry. 

Payment is required by Paypal, credit card, deposit into our business account or cash mailed to our Po Box. Postage for bulk orders will be determined after the seed is weighed and added to the invoice sent to the customer to pay before shipment.


As some countries require government documentation, please advise when placing an order if a Phytosanitary Certificate is required. The fee for Phytosanitary Certificates will be passed on at cost to the overseas customer, with an additional charge, to be provided. If fumigation or certified or legalised documentation is required, the charges will be passed on at cost to the customer.