Amaryllis belladonna (FW)


  • High-quality Australian seeds
    • 10 seeds
    • Hippeastrum – Knight’s Star
    • Mixed colours
    • Large flowers in dark red, red and white, white
    • Large fleshy bulbs
    • Tall broad, ever-green leaves

    Directions for planting

    1. Place seeds in a paper towel. 
    2. Wrap the seeds up, gently folding it.
    3. Dampen with warm water and then place in zip lock bag.
    4. Leave in a warm, dry place, such as a windowsill.
    5. Once roots appear, prepare for planting.
    6. Fill a pot with good quality seed raising mix.
    7. Put the seeds on top, then lightly cover with the seed raising mix.
    8. Wet the soil.

    They will grow in full sun to part shade, however, will flower better with more light. 

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