Passiflora herbertiana – rare native – Passionfruit


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  • 10 seeds
  • Common name: Native passionfruit
  • Native/endemic to eastern parts of Queensland and NSW Australia, moist rainforest and coastal areas
  • One of only a handful of native passionfruit
  • 3 lobed leaves
  • Pink/orange/yellow flower – 6-10 cm
  • Ripens to green skin with white flecks, small
  • White fragrant tasty pulp although usually grown as an ornamental
  • Outdoors or indoors in a glass room
  • Perennial vine – climber
  • Low flammability plant
  • Hardy
  • In cooler months will die back
  • Prune when finishes fruiting
  • Fertilize in spring and once a month in summer
  • Water well once a week in spring and summer
  • Life span – 3-7 years depending on the soil and how well it is tended to
  • Grows in most soils from sand to clay but thrives in a moist soil as it grows well in wet spring/summer in the rainforest
  • Bulk available. Please inquire.


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