Passiflora Medium Purple – Passionfruit


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  • 10 seeds
  • High-quality Australian seeds
  • A hybrid between two Passiflora edulis varieties
  • Produces large crops of red/purple fruits
  • Full of sweet pulp and juice
  • Quite cold-hardy and can take brief frost
  • Beautiful purple and white flowers 
  • Likes slightly acidic soil, 5.5 – 6.5 PH
  • Long runners that climb
  • Likes organic material such as compost when establishing
  • Well-draining soil; keep moist but not too wet; water at least once a week if the climate is dry
  • Lightly prune in the early growth season
    Germination method:

    1. Boil water and allow to cool slightly. 
    2. Place the seeds in a container and fill with hot water.
    3. Soak seeds for 48 hours before planting.
    4. Fill a pot with a seed-raising mix.
    5. Place seeds on top and sprinkle soil slightly over seeds to cover.
    6. Cover with glad wrap and place in a warm position or a greenhouse.
    7. Keep soil moist but not wet.
    8. Once seeds have germinated and leaves have formed, plant into a well-draining area with some added organic matter such as compost to help establish.

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