Amaryllis – Hippeastrum – Dark Red (FW)


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High-quality Australian seeds harvested by Abceeds 

Amaryllis, also known as Hippeastrum, is a beautiful addition to any garden. Its dark red flowers and evergreen features make it a perfect perennial for the summer season. 

Name: Hippeastrum 

Seeds: 10 seeds

Genus: Hippeastrum

Family: Amaryllidaceae 

Common name: Amaryllis

Life Cycle: Herbaceous perennial – Flowers once a year before dying back over the winter, non-woody stems. Grows back the following year.

Season of interest: Summer flowers

Colour: Red flowers, green foliage

Features: Attractive flowers and foliage

Flowering: Large fleshy bulbs, trumpet-shaped flowers

Soil type: Slightly acidic. Use compost and slow-release fertiliser

Height: Tall, broad, evergreen leaves

Width: Flowers 15-20 cm across

Growth habit: Clumping

Indoor/Outdoor: Both

Garden uses: Feature plant. Better against a wall or fence protected from wind

Sunlight: Full sun/part shade, better flowers in full sun

Climate: Tropical/warm climate. Drought hardy. 

Watering: Light, no more than once a week. Do not over water as can kill the bulb

Cultivating difficulty: Easy, Clumping – Once established, can be divided 

Germination time: 5-6 weeks

Country of origin: Brazil

Germination method:

Directions for planting

  1. Place seeds in a paper towel. 
  2. Wrap the seeds up, gently folding the paper.
  3. Dampen with warm water and then place in a zip lock bag.
  4. Leave in a warm, dry place, such as a windowsill.
  5. Once roots appear, prepare for planting.
  6. Fill a pot with a good quality seed-raising mix.
  7. Put the seeds on top, then lightly cover with the seed-raising mix.
  8. Wet the soil and keep the pot in a warm, sheltered position or place in a greenhouse.



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